2024.8.8~ 8.10 Guangzhou, China
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International Business Magazine
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International Business Magazine is a UAE-based company with an average online monthly viewership of more than 150K that includes investors, C-suite employees, key stakeholders, policymakers and government bureaucrats from all across the globe. We get 4.2 million views annually on our website and enjoy a healthy engagement on our social media platforms visitors every month. We have over 19k followers and likes on Facebook, over 1,400 followers on Twitter, over 7,500 followers on Instagram, 8,000 followers on Linkedin and over 5,000 subscribers on Youtube 

We deliver the latest news from the financial world and keenly promote innovative solutions in the industry. 

URL Website: www.intlbm.com - Banner and the event description must be backlinked to this Web URL.

Guangzhou, China
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