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Urja Daily
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Urja Daily is published by TechZone Print Media Group, an international publishing Company. Our other publication is Electronics Era, the most popular core electronics monthly magazine and portal www.electronicsera.in

With a reputation of providing excellent market information and a unique focus on the relevant technical, scientific and business topics, our publications are the most appreciated tool for industry decision makers from all over the world.


URJA DAILY Website for Renewable and Conventional Power generation, smart transmission and distribution, Energy Storage, Energy Saving & Efficiency, Digitalization of the energy sector & Bio waste management including additional topics:

Smart Energy solutions for cities and the emerging Electrical vehicle market, Smart Cities, Home Automation. Our expert editorial team work hard to gather latest news & views on solarPower Industry, wind Industry, Hydro Power, EV Market & Conventional Power market


Kindly contact us at ashok@electronicsera.in, nimish@electronicsera.in, contact.tzpm@gmail.com 

Guangzhou, China
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