2024.8.8~ 8.10 Guangzhou, China
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PlaBase (https://plabase.com/)started as a new project in 2016 by Kanamori Industries Inc., Japan. It is a specialized platform for innovation in the plastic industry. Boasting material data sheet records from 63 companies with over 5,600 grades of plastics(covers general to super engineering plastics), featuring a cross-manufacturer database that's freely accessible for those who need to design and develop for professional use.


 In addition to our unique database, we have published more than 500 articles over the last 6 years picking the latest news, knowledge, and technologies necessary for anyone in the plastic industry to stay updated as a media. One of the famous content is video interviews at the tradeshows in domestic and overseas by chief editor Yusuke Matsumoto.  Our commitment to sharing essential industry insights has attracted a strong community of 30,000 members, encompassing a wide range of sectors and job functions mainly in the Japanese manufacturing industry. Notably, many of our users are professionals involved in design and development, seeking the detailed and technical information we provide.


We promise to continuously evolve with the industry, ensuring that our platform remains at the forefront, providing the most current information, profound knowledge, and innovative technologies. For those dedicated to the plastic industry and driven by a passion for innovation, our platform is your essential guide to success.

Guangzhou, China
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