2024.8.8~ 8.10 Guangzhou, China
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Green In Future
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Green In Future is a novel venture of like-minded professionals with achieving a sustainable future as  the target. The company works towards contributing to the Global Green community for attaining a  sustainable future and by being the link between the technology and the end-user. Green in Future  would ideally be the watchdog, informing and familiarizing the community with the new in the world  as well as providing the manpower, from our expert panel, to build awareness and adopt new  concepts.  Among the many services provided, the diffusion of technology to as many as possible and as far as  possible, educating and generating awareness by being the link between the producer and the user,  giving adequate training to the interested to adopt an innovation in Urban Landscaping, Urban  farming, Education, Environmental issues and Health etc are in the forefront. Newsletters, workshops, seminars, trainings and research demonstration are a few of the extended services. Founded in 2016, the motto has always been the 3A’s – Awareness, Attitude and Adoption with the  focus on being the link between the technology and the end-user. For more information, visit https://greeninfuture.com/ Green in Future can be contacted at info@greeninfuture.com

Guangzhou, China
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