2024.8.8~ 8.10 Guangzhou, China
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Main Buyers

1. Worldwide Overseas Quality Buyers: including the United States, India, Canada, Britain, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Pakistan, Spain, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sweden, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland, the Philippines, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Middle East, Russia and four central Asian states of the world more than 80 countries and regions.

2. Professional Buyers of Battery Applications: buyers from sectors like new energy vehicles, logistics vehicles, buses, electric bikes/motorcycles/tricycles/personal transporters, and other low-speed electric vehicles, ships & boats, energy storage, 3C, end-user devices, UAVs, robots, electric tools, medical and beauty equipment, model toys, IoT, TWS earphone and other battery applications.

3. Professional Visitors of Battery Industry Chain: battery manufacturers, material, equipment,  accessories suppliers, governments, associations, research institutes, universities, investment and financing fields, industry service providers, medias, etc

Guangzhou, China
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