2024.8.8~ 8.10 Guangzhou, China
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Introduction Organization Schedule Highlights Development of WBE
The Advantage of WBE
Co-hosted by authoritative organizations

Fully integrate the strong member resources of the sponsors Guangdong Battery Industry Association, Tianjin Battery Industry Association, Tianjin Power Battery Industry Cluster, and Dongguan Lithium Battery Industry Association, and concentrate more than half of the outstanding enterprises in China's battery industry.

Focus on the global trade of batteries and promote international cooperation in the industry

"Bringing in high-quality foreign buyers and helping outstanding Chinese enterprises to go global" has always been our core strategy. Our core organization "International Department" has a team of more than 50 foreign language elites who have invited a large number of foreign buyers who really need it to visit the exhibition site through effective channels accumulated over more than ten years. According to statistics, in the first six sessions, there were more than 17,407 foreign buyers from all over the world! Apple, Tesla, Jaguar Land Rover, Panasonic, LG and other famous companies, as well as purchasing groups from India Energy Storage Alliance, Seattle Electric Vehicle Association, Turkey Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Association, Bangladesh Ministry of Energy, Thailand Federation of Industry and other purchasing groups all visited the site. purchase. The expo helps companies interview hundreds of professional buyers and overseas high-quality merchants at an ultra-low cost. More and more battery companies have brought Chinese manufacturing to the world through the big platform of the World Battery Industry Expo and entered the international stage. The World Battery Industry Expo will become a veritable "window" for my country's batteries and their industrial chain to go overseas!

Deeply cultivate user-side buyers to help domestic consumption and procurement cooperation

"Focusing on the market and promoting transactions" is the core concept of the expo. Over the years, we have been working hard to develop new energy vehicles, logistics vehicles, buses, electric bicycles/motorcycles/tricycles/balanced vehicles and other low-speed electric fields, ships, energy storage, 3C, smart terminals, drones, lighting, robots, tools, Medical beauty equipment, model aircraft toys, electronic cigarettes, Internet of Things and other battery applications, as well as battery manufacturing companies and material companies, and provide exclusive "customer service for buyers" for each exhibitor. Build the best communication platform for suppliers and user organizations in the industry chain. At the last site, large-scale purchasing groups such as Geely, GAC, Changan, Nissan, GM, Jiangling, Wuyang Honda, Tailing, Xindazhou, Puzhou and Youbixuan came to visit. 

1,000 Hotels Free for Exhibitors

In order to make the domestic and oversea big buyers convenient to purchase, Guangzhou Honest Exhibition Co.,Ltd. particularly offers 1,000 star hotel free for exhibitors who are mainly in the fields of battery application industry. The first 1000 professional purchasers registered in advance can be arranged. In that case, an increasing number of big buyers are much more inclined to join the World Battery Industry Expo.

The proportion of battery cell and PACK manufacturing enterprises has increased year by year

The number of cell & PACK companies alone in WBE2023 reached 476, covering all applications such as power battery, energy storage, 3C electronics, etc. WBE 2024 will take place on a 165,000 sq.m, expected to host over 2,000 exhibitors, including over 700 battery (cell & PACK) energy storage exhibitors, making it the largest professional trade show for battery energy storage products in 2024.

Guangzhou, China
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